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Phone: 0800 COMHSL (0800 266475)

Exclusive Belmont New Zealand supplier, premium handpieces, consumables and more!

CHS prides itself to meet the needs and expectations of our customers by delivering outstanding service and quality products which are safe and reliable.
We are proud to be the exclusive Belmont NZ supplier.

We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated

CHS is dedicated to offering high-quality supply of premium dental equipment and consumables, supported by comprehensive solutions and technical support.

Our range is comprehensive, catering for all areas within a dental practice.


CHS stock extensive water decontamination and biofilm removal systems. In addition solutions for cleaning and disinfection

Belmont chair packages

CHS is your New Zealand exclusive premier stockiest of Belmont treatment units


CHS stock a vast array of competitively priced consumables 

Imaging and x-ray

CHS stock innovative imaging and x-ray technologies


CHS stock competitive quality handpieces


CHS is your premier supplier for a diverse range of dental equipment

CHS are members of the Medical Technology Association of NZ


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