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Crown Remover, Spring Loaded

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  • Made with the finest quality Japanese stainless steel
  • Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing quality instruments (sold in Australia for almost 15 years)
  • Hand-made by skilled craftspeople

When removing dental crowns, specialised instruments are needed to ensure that the patient receives the best patient care. The crown remover dental instrument sets offered by CHS provide dental professionals with right tools for the right clinical tasks. 

Crown removers come in various guises. Some for instance use air pressure to lever the crown off the tooth while other non-traumatic crown removers are designed to separate the crown from the tooth gently. High quality crown and bridge removers can lessen the amount of work it takes to perform procedures and are well worth the investment.

You can buy a top-quality crown remover through CHS at a great price. So, whether you’re looking for an automatic or manual crown remover dental instrument you can buy with confidence from CHS. 

SKU: CHS-SS-1078 TAGS: Crown Instruments, Crown Remover

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