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Increase your productivity and patient satisfaction:
The PIEZON® 250 is a dental unit for the professional removal of tarter and hard calculus. Its compact form takes up less space than an A5 sheet of paper, making it ideal for cabinets of all sizes. You can remove hard calculus and other mineralized deposits with superior efficiency and comfort thanks to its thin, robust and lightweight PIEZON handpiece. Six LED lights are located around the tip of the handpiece to illuminate the oral cavity for 20 seconds, making plaque easily visible. The linear vibration of the instrument’s oscillatory movement ensures a high-precision treatment for reliable clinical outcomes.

Convenient finger-tip control - designed for intuitive use
Compact solution with stand alone bottle


  • 1 PIEZON Handpiece
  • PIEZON Instruments A, P, PS
  • 1 PIEZON irrigant bottle 350 ml
  • Maintenance set
  • 2-function foot pedal
SKU: CHS-EMS-FT-224 TAGS: EMS, Handpiece

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