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tbCOMPASS Radius/Left Right Vac Pack (no spitoon) (POA)





Complete package: unit, chair and assistants holder.

Control and discretion are the finest traits of the tbCompass delivery system. An intelligent delivery solution which seeks to conceal the instruments from Patient
view without compromising working comfort.

Unrivalled console mobility and tbCompass's determined versatility bring all the benefits of convenience, flexibility, efficiency and patient comfort.

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Key Features:

  • Dental unit and chair tbCOMPASS 230V/50HZ for flexible DR system without cuspidor unit
  • Holder type handpiece
  • 1 x DCI 3-way syringe provision
  • 2 x fibre optic tubing
  • 1 x NSK NLX nano provision
  • 1 x NSK varios 170 scaler provision
  • Installation - 2.0L bottle

tbCOMPASS chair

  • Twin axis headrest
  • Left and right armrest with foot switch
  • DCI 3 way syringe (3439)
  • Cover hose
  • Spacer

SKU: CHS-BEL-6TBM-TBCS-SD-ES23A-1 TAGS: Belmont, Chairs

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