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DEXIS™ IS 3600 Scanner (POA)




The DEXIS™ IS 3600 is a smarter way to scan. Delivering you a high-speed intuitive and highly accurate way to capture digital impressions.

Get alerted on missing data: Green arrows and green and yellow highlights alert you of any gaps or holes that need to be rescanned for optimal detail. 

See your world in Stunning Full HD 3D Color:  Enhanced image quality and vibrant color better reflect reality and help you communicate with your patients, labs and referrals. 

Built-in touchscreen capability: Eliminates the extra steps of operation caused by switching back and forth between the scanner and the mouse.

Intelligent matching system: Unique Scan History Check that enables the user to check, remove, or continue with the scan by simply using the slider as desired during the live scanning process.

Automatic cleaning function: 
Eliminates unnecessarily repeated scanning for a streamlined workflow and optimal results. Split or integrated screen for post-processing review:  Provides flexibility in reviewing process depending on the clinical needs.

Automatic bite registration: A simple process that eliminates hassles and errors in the bite registration process.

Cutting tool exclusively for implant area: Provides a dedicated cutting tool to remove the implant area effectively and efficiently, choose from free-form or circle.


SKU: CHS-DEX-IS3600 TAG: Intra Oral Scanner

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