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Acteon XGenus Vega (Size 2)



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xgenus Vega are intraoral digital sensors, available in two different models, that provide versatility, reliability and ease of use in every dental exam of the professional study.

  • The theoretical resolution of 25 lp/mm of xgenus Vega CMOS detector allows to properly detect any district of patient’s mouth. xgenus Vega HD makes one more step in image quality thanks to the use of CsI scintillator.
  • The “Multi-layer technology” with fiber optic - scintillator - shock absorption area ensures the highest levels in image quality in a strong structure for a long-lasting performance.
  • xgenus Vega and Vega HD come in two different sizes who make them suitable for a wide range of applications: pedodontics, periapical, endodontics and bitewing.

Two available solutions tailored for your clinical needs:

W1305001 XG VEGA SIZE 1
W1305002 XG VEGA SIZE 2
W1305003 XG VEGA HD SIZE 1
W1305004 XG VEGA HD SIZE 2


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