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Acteon C50 Full HD Camera (POA)



C50 Full HD Camera

Remarkable clinical vision
The intraoral camera C50 leverages full HD imaging expertise, offering you a more precise and sharp technology, producing higher quality images, combined with outstanding ergonomics to make your image acquisition as easy as possible.

Remarkable clinical versatility
Accomplish a more efficient and performant clinical evaluation thanks to our ergonomic 4 in 1 diagnostic aid camera. In one click, switch from Daylight vision mode to Daylight+, Perio or Cario vision mode.

Remarkable operational freedom
Free yourself from constraints thanks to user-friendly device : 100% compatible with your current configuration. With embedded drivers, the camera does not require any installation.

Why choose C50 full HD camera ?
Full HD resolution for clear and detailed images
C505 camera shots for a 360 view
Daylight mode
Record of natural colors for a better interpretation of tooth shade, pathology identification and patient follow-up.
Daylight+ mode
High contrasts emphasizing anatomic fissures and details of the dentin structure/depth
Perio mode
Enhancement of dental plaque and gingival inflammation thanks to chromatic amplification
Cario mode
Caries detection by fluorescence technique by LEDs
Remarkable operational freedom
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