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EURUS Doctor Stool (POA)





  • Seat height and tilt adjustment by gas cylinder
  • Bucket-shaped seat and backrest help treatment process over a long period
  • Tilt functions for backrest and seat are available (Backrest and seat tilt separately)
  • Three casters with brakes prevent unexpected move
  • The backrest height choice can be selected from 3 positions, 30mm difference between each position
  • Casters with brakes: Brakes are available for 3 of the 5 casters to prevent the stool from moving unexpectedly when no load applied, which allows the doctor to sit on the stool safely. When you sit on the stool the brakes will be unlocked. When you stand up the brakes will be locked.

Model: AH-012D

Weight: 12kg

Initial height/stroke: 440/155mm

Tilt control of the seat and backrest: Manual operation

SKU: CHS-BEL-TBM-AH-012DES23 TAGS: Belmont, Stool

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