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EURUS S8 Radius Left/Right (POA)



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Compact Space

Wide Variety of Treatment Styles

The ambidextrous dental unit is ideal for both right and left handed dentists and assistants.  The changeover is easy and takes only a few minutes.  This function makes the unit suitable for a variety of operating styles and increases efficiency.  For example, the rotatable assistant holder tray offers dentists a more comfortable operating space and allows for tow-handed operations. Positioning the doctor table behind the chair enables assistants to prepare during consultations.

Two-handed position
The long reach and light movement of the arm facilitate two-handed treatment to be administered without stress.

Four-handed position
In four-handed position, the tabletop provides a common space for the dentist and the assistant, facilitating smooth treatment.

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  • The table's vertical range of motion is 840, 865 and 890mm, adjustable in three-stage height.
  • The screen only displays necessary information when a handpiece is selected and picked up. This allows the dentist to concentrate on the treatment at hand as well as the patient, without further distraction.
  • Motor: Configuring the screen for handpiece motors, which is capable of storing four different settings, allows for intuitive, seamless operation. RPM, torque and rotational direction can also be selected with a single touch of the screen.
  • Cuspidor: The cuspidor has been expanded to offer larger capacity and easier access which, with the separator, ensures the highest level of hygiene are maintained.
  • LED Indicator: The unit features a safety indicator that displays the lock-status of the dental chair and handpieces in an easy-to-see way.
  • Suction system: The unit provides effective and reliable suction that has been significantly increased to 185%. This system can also be adapted for twin suction, which proves useful for more intensive surgical procedures.
  • Cleanlines:  Hygiene inside the chair unit is maintained by water line flushing, which means that patient-friendly treatments can be administered in complete safety and confidence. As an environmentally friendly option, the unit comes with a separator, or a separator with an amalgam collector, to reduce the need for everyday maintenance.
  • Lighting Fixture: Lighting fixtures are designed to reproduce natural light with a high functional colour rendering capacity. The light's composite mode can be active, and the light can be turned on and off, via its touch-less sensor.

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